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IFTTT Expands Twitter Marketing Opportunities

The popular automation tool, If This Then That (IFTTT), has announced its partnering with Twitter to allow new actions to be triggered based on Twitter searches, Twitter mentions, and tweets from a specific location.
While this integration will open new and innovative opportunities for marketers and brands to take advantage of (that our team is really excited about), this is also a strategic move from Twitter to repair its relationships with 3rd party developers. Over the long term, these relationships will make the platform continually more attractive and robust for marketers to engage with consumers.

Organic Impressions Down 50%, Paid Impressions Increasing Slightly

Adobe’s 2014 Q3 Digital Advertising report confirms, yet again, organic impressions are down on Facebook (50% from last year), and reveals paid impressions are only up by 5% this year. It also provides great nuggets for specific verticals to factor into Q4 and 2015 planning. For instance, paid impressions are anticipated to grow from 10 percent to 20 percent during Q4, confirming our suspicion that retail brands should anticipate a highly competitive environment in the holiday timeframe. Check out the report here; it’s a great read to help inform your media strategy and media spend on Facebook.

Foursquare Launches Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign

With Foursquare’s rebranding of its application into “Swarm” and “Foursquare” in May, the platform is now planning to launch a multimillion dollar traditional advertising campaign, comprised mostly of outdoor placements. This is an effort to move perception of Foursquare away from check-ins, mayorships, and badges and to position the application as a competitive recommendation engine. In our opinion, this will be a make or break moment for the application, and we’re keeping an eye on this investment to see if it pays off. While we admit some of the recent improvements are pretty slick, it’s still an uphill battle Foursquare has to compete with other recommendation engines like Yelp.


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