• B2B Content Marketers Facing Familiar Problems in 2014
    [April 22, 2014] In the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, the top challenges that B2B content marketers face include: lack of time, not being able to produce enough content, not being able to create the kind of content that engages, lack of budget, and lack of content variety. Sound familiar? Stats […]
  • 18 reasons to listen to social media before you leap
    [March 19, 2014] Among companies that are “very successful” at achieving goals with social media, 47% make extensive use of social analytics. Among companies that are “not successful,” 17% use social analytics (source: Marquette Group and Ascend2). Is there a similarity between companies that listen and achieve success? Decide for yourself.
  • Halifax Hit With Google Penalty
    [February 26, 2014] Google is getting tough. Unnatural links are being penalised, but it’s not just the small businesses that are being hit, there’s been a few bigger scalps recently.
  • Should guest blogging still be part of your SEO strategy?
    [February 5, 2014] Recently, Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts said guest blogging is dead, citing its overuse by search marketing companies as part of their link-building activities.
  • A Conversation About SEO, Social Media and Content Convergence
    [January 15, 2014] A few months ago, I sat down with Steven Sefton, Digital and Social Media Director for Zap Designs, to discuss a variety of topics including the changing face of marketing; where different verticals fit; how the UK and North American markets are different; where influence marketing is heading; and much, much more.
  • Get A Head Start On Your Content Marketing In 2014 With These 11 eBooks
    [December 17, 2013] Over the past 12 months there have been a wide variety of eBooks published about every topic in the digital marketing mix from the newest mobile marketing strategies to better use of big data to the standards like content marketing, social media, online advertising, email marketing and digital public relations.
  • 10 Social Media Marketing Ideas From Big Brands
    [November 21, 2013] There is an under appreciated difference between a story and an idea.
  • Ghost: The next big blog platform?
    [October 23, 2013] By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Medium, the new blog platform that’s gaining momentum, developed by one of the founders of Twitter. One of Medium’s big claims: To make blogging easier. And boy, does it ever. But, the downside of that is that you lose “control” of your content. In other words, Medium owns it–not […]
  • Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media – Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?
    [September 18, 2013] Content marketing, SEO and social media are frequently mentioned at the same time during planning meetings and lumped together when people talk about “doing digital.” But are they really compatible with one another? Or should they be treated separately? I vote for “friends,” maybe even “besties.” (Can you tell that I have teen and pre-teen […]
  • How to recover from Google Penguin and Google Panda
    [August 29, 2013] People are freaking out about the new Google Search. Online marketplaces that have historically been very profitable in the past have dropped off a cliff for many companies, be it direct sales eCommerce or public relations campaigns. Everyone wants to know both why this has happened and how to make it right. What’s changed, post-Penguin […]
  • Is Your Content Ready For Marketing?
    [August 14, 2013] Coming up in about 5 weeks is one of the most anticipated marketing conferences about the hottest topic of the year: Content Marketing World.
  • How Much Content Do You Need? Here’s a Formula
    [July 24, 2013] I was in St. Louis the other day, talking Youtility at an event put together by my friends at Standing Partnership, a killer reputation management firm. It was on the official book launch day, so that was a milestone to remember.
  • Getting less traffic from Google? Here’s why it may not matter soon
    [July 10, 2013] If you’re one of many business owners experiencing a drop in search traffic from Google, here are 3 important changes you need to know about.
  • How to Find Your Competitors Online and Knock Them Out
    [June 26, 2013] If you’ve ever done competitive analysis, you’ve probably searched Google for your top keywords to see who shows up. It’s an easy and simple way to see who you’re competing with online, but when you start looking for your competitors based on multiple keywords, the process can take a long time, it’s tedious and it’s […]
  • B2B Marketers Recognize the Value of Content Marketing
    [June 12, 2013] Nine out of ten B2B marketers in North America are using content marketing. Read this third annual research from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs to get answers to these types of questions:
  • Should SEO Or Content Marketing Lead Your Online Marketing Strategy?
    [May 22, 2013] There are quite a few studies showing that companies publishing more blog posts and more content in general equates to generating more business than those that don’t.
  • The Difference Between SEOs and Search Engine Marketers
    [May 8, 2013] During a recent comment thread on Facebook by my buddy Steve Floyd, the subject of SEOs (Search Engine Optimization pros or “search engine optimizers”) and SEMs (Search Engine Marketers or “Pay Per Click professionals”) came up. During this heated discussion, I think there was only one thing that many tended to agree on: SEOs and […]
  • Social Media Doesn’t Create a Crisis – Companies Do
    [April 17, 2013] Outrage is outrage, regardless of where it starts. – Ann Marie van den Hurk APR. If you type the term “social media crisis” into Google, you’ll receive about 1.7 million results. Remove the quotation marks, and you’ll get almost 700 million results.
  • 12 myths vs. reality on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    [March 27, 2013] A few numbers for your consideration:
  • Building Quality Links for Boring Niches
    [March 13, 2013] We’ve all had that one client who came to us for link building that was in an industry that made us go “really, people make that?” What we were really thinking was, “how can we promote this?” Truth be told it takes more than just getting creative.
  • Boost Your Content Marketing Performance
    [February 27, 2013] Creating original content is resource intensive and while some companies that have all the copywriting resources they need (that’s an exception not the rule) it makes sense to curate content in addition to publishing original articles and media.
  • Useful Link Building Tips for 2013
    [February 13, 2013] The year 2012 was filled with countless SEO changes. Many welcomed it; but it seems even more dreaded it. So what changed in 2012 that you should be aware of?
  • 13 Resolutions for Your 2013 Search Campaigns
    [January 23, 2013] Get the most out of your search and social media campaigns this year by taking inventory now and making these 13 actions part of your best practices.
  • Four Things To Forget In SEO
    [December 12, 2012] Everyone understands the importance of search engine optimisation.
  • Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists
    [November 19, 2012] Last month, I wrote about 2 challenges to keyword collaboration. Among other things, I argued for the importance of developing a corporate keyword database for digital marketers. Without keyword collaboration, your digital assets will compete for the limited time and attention of your audience. Chances are, a relatively small set of words are both relevant to your product offerings and your client’s needs. In large organizations, like mine at IBM, multiple sales and marketing organizations will chose the same words as the basis of their assets, unwittingly competing against each other for space in Google’s search engine results and diluting their search effectiveness.The solution to this problem is a centralized keyword discovery system, which helps companies learn, manage and govern the keywords most strategic to their business.